There’s apps for everything

Picture the scene. You’re sitting at a bus stop next to a girl with average to above average looks. You want to strike up conversation but you’re not sure if her self esteem is that low. If only there was some way of knowing that she was single, thought you were alright looking and open to a bit conversation.

Congratulations, you’ve just discovered my new iphone app called Slightly Raise Your Leg And Other Coded Messages To Get Someone To Talk To You.

Here’s the premise. Every week, there is a new coded message chosen, by me, for the international sign that its perfectly O.K to say hello. You check you’re iphone, you make the sign, you have a chat, you get married. Perfect. (Sequences shortened or edited)

I’ve thought of the first few myself coz im a bit of a polymath you see.

Week 1: Slightly raise your left leg.

Week 2: Put your phone to your ear and mutter how it’s funny that Lenny Henry won best stage newcomer.

Week 3: Slightly raise your right leg.

Obviously not everyone has an iphone. I don’t. So this is only phase 1 of my campaign to make my life a little easier. Later phases involve instructions in national newspapers, on billboards and TV.

Price £1.99


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