Pending approval

If I could get one idea peer reviewed, it would probably be ‘What percentage of chewing gum sales are due to someone wanting change?’ All I need now is a couple of referees.


2 Responses to “Pending approval”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I bet it would also be worth running an experiment to see how the sales composition would change if you could buy it a piece at a time, and could thus sample more broadly before committing to a full pack… Chewing gum and the like are already treated as incidental purchases, for around $1 a pack and next to the register, assuming that the investment in a full pack with the risk of not liking the flavor is not such a big deal. But what if you could buy for $0.05 or $0.10 a piece?

  2. selfloathingreview Says:

    Thanks Courtney for being my first commenter, You’ll get a months free subscription when the paywall goes up next year.
    In response to your comment, about 20 years ago in Britain ice cream men did exactly that, though with cigarettes, and usually outside schools. And I hazard a guess that those kids are now, after sampling one or two cigarettes, committing to a full pack.

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