Top Ten News Events Of The Noughties (1700’s)

O.K, I recognise the last post wasn’t thought out entirely. However, I know at least, that news did happen before 1888.

And so, the top ten news events of the decade as seen in 1710.

1. 1709 Global Warming proven a con when the Great Frost of 1709 took hold.

2. 1702 The publishing of the first daily newspaper poses a serious challenge to the word of the mouth industry.

3. 1707 The presciently named War of 27 years ends 27 years after starting.

4. 1710 Edmond Halley’s Synopsis Astronomica Cometicae voted best Fiction book of the decade.

5. 1707 Act of Union passes jeopardising the possibility of a future British Olympic football team.

6. 1704 Newton’s long awaited follow up to Principia Mathematica sells poorly despite receiving critical acclaim.

7. 1700 Russia, Denmark and Saxony attack Sweden starting the disastrous Great Northern War, which thankfully looks like it’s coming to an end.

8. 1701-present Family dispute continues to kill millions.

9. 1710 Third of Swedish population refuse plague vaccination. Third of Swedish population die.

10. 1704 End Of Japan’s Golden Age, fear of lost century.


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